Choosing a smart location for a Revive Adserver installation

Here is a question I’ve received numerous times in the past:

I’m planning to install Revive Adserver. I’m starting small, but I want to be ready for the future growth that I’m hoping for. What’s your advise for choosing a location for the installation of my ad server?

This is a very good question, because making the right choices now will save you a lot of time, energy and trouble later.

Good: Installing in a sub directory

Most people will almost automatically decide to put Revive Adserver in a sub directory under their website. So if the site is on, they put the ad server in a folder like

This appears to be an obvious choice, and it’s not even all that bad. Whatever you do, don’t include the version number in the folder (even though that version number is often included in the folder name in the downloadable file from the Revive Adserver website).

Better: Installing on a sub domain

If your hosting plan or server enables you to use a sub domain for your Revive Adserver installation, I want to encourage you to make use of that.

For example, if your main site is hosted at, a smart location for the ad server could be or

Once your site starts to grow in terms of visitors and page views, you might get into a situation where you need to move the ad server to another server. Having it running on a sub domain will mean that such a migration will be relatively easy to perform, because you will not have to change anything on your existing zone invocation codes on the website.

Best: Installing on a sub domain, and in a sub directory

I always recommend combining the use of a sub domain and a sub directory. This gives you the most flexibility and it makes future software upgrades a lot easier.

If your main website is running at, you could have your Revive Adserver installed at

You can then decide to move the location for the storage and serving of the banner images to

Having your ad server in a sub directory also makes upgrades very easy to perform in the future.